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Ever wonder what your favourite shop tastes like?

Local culinary experts have been paired with shops across Ennis and asked to imagine the shop they are paired with as a piece of food. What would it be? What would it taste like?

To find out, we invite you on a food trail through 10 shops in Ennis on Saturday, October 13th  from 11am-1pm Savour a bite-size portion. FREE event. Competitions in some shops along the way!

The Shops and their expert

Maddens Furniture Shop / Hotel Woodstock

Nozomi Shoe Boutique/ The Town Hall

County Boutique/Food Heaven

Pamela Scott/O’Connor’s Bakery

Willow/Peckish Vegan Café

Bambino’s/ DeLuxe Cakes

La Jolie Femme/ Elizabeth Jane’s Coffee House

Little One’s/ Rowan Tree Cafe

Kilkenny Shop/Green’s Cottage Truffles

Manix Menswear/ The Temple Gate Hotel

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